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Vechi 15/06/2017, 17:05
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Implicit More updates!

Below you will find the full update list on what we added or fixed !
✔️New Jewels Fix
✔️Goblin Fix
✔️Balgass HP Fix
🔜 Future updates and fixes
⏰ Daily Reward
⏰ The Wheel
⏰ PVP V2
⏰ CashShop V2
✔️Fixed characters PVM dmg
✔️Fixed balanced characters 100%
✔️Fixed PVP V1 100%
✔️Fixed Solo party map - karutan 2
✔️Fixed Party map - LaCleon 2 (fast kill in party/high xp in full party)
✔️Fixed XP bot buffer
✔️Added 3 new Xp bot buffers at 7:00AM 12:00PM 19:00 PM 00:00PM
✔️Fixed Kill Event Hour - 20:30PM
✔️Added new BloodAngel and DarkKnight Design
✔️Master Level - XP map - Peace of swamp
✔️CashShop - V1 added
✔️fixed blood items def/dmg
✔️added new blood and dark angel color design
✔️PVP fixed - 80% (at 100% will be added)
✔️Reset limit rised to MAX 110
✔️Grand Reset added - 110RR=1GR
✔️GR prize list updated on forum - http://forum.muromania.ro/showthread.php?t=4
✔️Added Master LVL map/spots - Peace of Swamp
✔️Added 11 Ice Napin Spots - Peace of Swamp
✔️CashShop - added
✔️Goblin Point section - added
✔️Balgass event updated - drop
✔️Send to admin error - fixed
✔️Webshop exchange updated 13.06.2017 -
✔️added credits to zen exchange:
✔️added 13 new spots of Iron Knight in Lacleon -
✔️rised the hp of iron knight (30rr min + full party = kill spot)
✔️rised the xp rate in karutan2 with 10%
✔️rised the rate for master xp with 15%
✔️GUILD/ALLY updated
✔️New Home website for x10 and x100
✔️Added on update agility bug fix
✔️Added spots in LaCleon
✔️Added 3 new links for vote reward
✔️Webshop exchange credits - fix 100%
✔️adding more spots on the maps 100%
✔️adding Golden elite bosses added - 340% more HP
✔️Golden Mobs - 110% more HP
✔️Selupan - 230% more HP
✔️Medusa - 230% more HP
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